El bien de la incoherencia

¿Alguna vez pensaron incoherencias que de nada sirven?. Soy de las que cree que todo sirve, las preguntas estúpidas, las conexiones incoherentes y las dudas existenciales, todo sirve para reciclar pensamientos y dar el salto para crear cosas interesantes.

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Book report of “The Dip”

Before starting to tell you what I have learned about this book, I want to encourage you to learn more about this famous guy, Seth Godin. He is one of those who knows how to tell stories and go straight to the point, even though we live in an age where storytellers invade our lives, Seth is one of those that knows when to tell you a story and when to throw proof to the table and make you reflect on the system in which we live in.

Have you even feel quitting or giving up? do winners quit?. The Dip is a kind of self-help book that does not have a silly name and it will never be recommended by your Psychologist or family Doctor, it will only be by a coach, mentor or as in this case, a College teacher.

If you want to improve your life and be more strategic in the professional field, “The art of war” by Sun Tzu and “The Dip” by Seth Godin should be in your personal library.

What “The Dip” is it about

This book is about a series of moments that we all go through in life. The author gives a name of each moment and places them into a time lime that illustrates the progress of all our efforts to reach a goal.


Seth Godin talks about three different situations which are part of our process; Cliffs, Cul-de-Sac and Dip, in few words:

The Dip by Seth Godin

  • Cliffs are collapses. Moments that you need to be ready to be in and face if you stick into a process that has a near ending. 
  • Cul-de-sacs, moments of calmness that leave us complacent and will never get any better. The problem here is “the opportunity cost”. How much progress you can do putting the same effort if you had been somewhere else? 
  • Dip, the longest and hardest period you go through to get what you want. This could be painful and reasonable to quit but is the perfect time to stick.

In the whole book, Seth Godin teaches you what you need to learn and know to succeed. If you can make it through the Dip, you will reach the top and be part of a niche, THE ones and enjoy the success of it. During the Dip, you should be prepared to persevere because if you quit in the middle of this period, you will face a lot of waste that you will never forget.

“No one quits the Boston Marathon at mile 25”, “Who, after all, is going to drop out when the finish line is in sight?”

There are many more examples of companies and people who are now considered the best due to their efforts and knowledge about quitting.
To give you sneak peek, here are my top 4 reasons why to read this book.

4 reasons to read “The Dip”

  • Challenge the way you think
  • Encourage you to succeed
  • Teach you how to reach your goals
  • Guide you when to quit or persevere

After reading this amazing book, I challenged myself and started to question social myths about winners. I realized that we can all succeed in what we want, we just need to be strategic and plan our lives in order to be prepared to face hard moments to finally reach the top.
From now I will always remember myself: “Is my persistence going to pay off in the long run?” because “If you are not going to get to #1, you might as well quit now”.
Thanks, Seth, thanks, Sasha!

Reasons to work at The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is a nonprofit Organization, one of the most important art museums in Canada, one of the largest one in North America with close to 95,000 works.
One of my main interest in this museum is its course and desire to spread its mandate through different platforms, as well as the creation of content. If you think that this is not enough, after I got to know that Alain De Botton was invited to present his book “Art As Therapy” and analyze some of the AGO’s collection I said: “OMG”, literally. Sigue leyendo

The importance of an improvement in museums’ interactive media to make society better

We live in a digital age where the thin line between on and offline is hybridizing our lives as digital humans. Everyday life it is loaded by norms and morals in law and technology that allow us to interact in different ways that 50 years ago could never be imagined.
After a long research of how museums use interactive media to communicate their image and activities, I came to the conclusion that there is a lack of interest and also a misunderstanding in the concept of “interactive media” in the field. First of all, there are many museums which offer a non-interactive content and others that do not apply innovation to improve their communication to the public. To understand its position towards interactive media, we should start reflecting about the role and the meaning of museum in society.

Why aren’t museums proposing new ways of interaction to promote themselves, its exhibitions and the most important part, their Department of Public Programs?.  Let’s examine this after some citations and examples. Sigue leyendo



Esa que te dice una y mil veces que tienes un agujerito en la camiseta, que no laves el auto porque seguro llueve y hay un sol de puta madre, que te calmes cuando está jugando tu clásico y que no le pongas más sal porque ya está bien de gusto.
Esa es, la que no sabe cortar cuando hay que cortar.

Chamuyeros digitales, los buitres del social media

“Si la vida te da limones, hacéte un lemonpie, un limoncello o un juguito refrescante. Si la vida te da pelotudos, canalizá. Escribí un post y contale a la gente las de boludeces que te tocó vivir”.

Las mujeres somos de hablar bastante, cuchicheamos todo. Todas las sarta de boludeces que me tocó vivir y escuchar por terceros, hizo que aquí les traiga un resumen con las diferentes tipologías de chamuyeros digitales.

Chamuyero Sprayette

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Her, el amor en ceros 1 un0s.

La era digital es la era de la superación. Superamos las distancias, las costosas llamadas, las cartas perdidas, el IRC, el ICQ, el AOL, el MSN. Vamos siempre hacia adelante, en busca de nuevas plataformas, construimos espacios para aquellos locos lindos que buscan nuevas formas de socializar.
Me resulta tan importante que creo está en mi deber moral comentar la película Her y relacionarla con algunas historias.



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